Friday, January 19, 2018

Top most Android Utility apps that can make your daily life simple and Easier

Today there are 929 million portable subscribers in India (as on June 2014), out of which 185 million i.e. 20% users Internet on their phones. Also, 40% of these mobile Internet users get to Internet through their Smart phones.

Every 9 out of 10 people today in India uses android. India is one of the top most countries across the world which uses mobile app according to statistics. Due to this more use of smart phones and turn application, it becomes indispensable for marketers to tap the application market in order to connect with their upgrading consumers.

Apps what truly transform a high end mobile device into a Smartphone. However there many thousands of apps and notwithstanding what quantity of memory space your device has, you mostly feel incommodious for more room to be ready to add another necessary utility app. Most of the people try and assess their priorities and keep or take away certain apps. In the process, it becomes quite difficult to actually assess what apps will truly make your life easy. To help you within the quest, we've compiled a listing of five Free Android utility apps which will assist you improve your work productivity and create your life lots easier.

1    App Lock
2    Tracko
3    Battery Booster
4    Wifi Booster
5    Compass

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Monday, January 15, 2018

How Mobile App can take your Business to another Level?

Mobile app development are the best way to  reach to your audience, whether you offers services to your customer or run an E-commerce business mobile application is imperative for staying aware of your customers or users. Since we as a whole realize that user engagement on web through mobile is much more than user engagement on desktop. Thusly to stay aware of your mobile audiences you need to promote your business on mobile app. Mobile applications are important to keep up for your business as the user engagement on apps is expanding step by step prompting more user interactions and therefore more benefit.

Mobile applications can be created in two ways depending upon the feature of device it is meant to fit in. There are two kinds of mobile applications development are –

1.    iOSMobile App Development -You can target iPhone users to add with your business by developing iOS application for your customers. For expanding business and benefits achieving your target audience is a must.

2.    Android Mobile App Development- Google supported android platform. If you want to reach your android customers for increasing your business then you must develop Android Application.

 Advantage of developing mobile application for your business-
  1. Enhancement your visibility.
  2. Connect you with customers who don’t use desktop.
  3. Builds relationship with customer.
  4. Generate repetitive business.
  5. Generates notifications for the customer in turn increasing customer app interaction.
  6. Faster and efficient user interface.
  7. Function offline as well.
  8. Push notifications supports flexible advertisement approach.

These are the basic advantages your business accomplishes when you create mobile application. Mobile applications are to a great extent conveyed by giant e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay and so on that assistance them to generate repetitive business from similar customers.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

iPhone Mobile Application Development- How to Generate Better Business and Brand Reputation?

According to latest statistics mobiles are more user-engaging compared to desktops, laptops and other devices. In the present age, our smartphones are very important device we own. They let us play games, speak with our friends and family, read books, listen to songs, watch videos and access anything that the internet offers. The Apple's smartphones, popularly called iPhones are definitely an extreme competition in this race as people highly appreciate its technology. Since, they have a noticeable lead on different smartphones and their use combined with iPads gives rise to endless.

iPhone mobile application Development could be an important developing parameter for your business. If you want to grow your business to a totally new level then mobile app is the way to go. An effective mobile application could promoting up your sales and revenue by reaching to your customers without more effort. These are a few advantages of mobile application development-
  1. You could build relationship with your customers.
  2. You could establish brand value and name.
  3. You could increase your visibility.
  4. You could increase your reach ability.
  5. You could connect with on-the-go customers.
  6. You could market your products more effectively.
  7. You could generate repetitive business.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Android and iPhone App Development Company in Delhi & NCR

Mobile Apps playing a vital role in reduce the daily tasks. It became so popular to people of any age and interests. Mobile Apps are powerful marketing tools in light of their intelligent nature, convenience and the probability that they'll be seen on consistent schedule.
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Twistfuture Software is Well- known reputable android and iPhone Development Company that develops apps for all major mobile operating systems, social media and web platforms.
Advantage of taking services at Twistfuture Software
Taking Mobile Application Development benefits at Twistfuture Software is very gainful in term of time, money, and quality. Alongside this, there are different advantages of profiting services from Twistfuture. Let’s have glimpse below:
·         Value for Money
·         Highly Active Support
·         Feature-rich Communication Systems
·         Streamline app marketing

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Taxi App Development: Cost & Features of Taxi App like Uber & Ola

"Want To Know The Cost Of Your Own Taxi Booking App? We Are Here With All The Answers Of Your Queries”.

What You Have to Spend to Make Your Own Taxi Application like Uber

Tech Market is altogether secured with various types of mobile application which most likely will make you a tycoon or perhaps an extremely rich person. Is it accurate to say that it isn't? Tech world is about preferable thoughts over others. You don't need to think something that nobody has done yet disregarding that, you have to think an option that is superior to the others which will without a doubt take you to the best. People always want something increasingly and by getting that open door developers can possibly serve the best to their clients.

"Technology Feeds On Itself, Technology Makes More Technology Possible"

Before you begin application development estimation, you should realize that there are really two mobile Apps, not one! 1) Uber, Driver App-without this application passenger won't have anyone to drive them around. 2) Uber, Passenger App.

We should observe the passenger's application first. There are couple of things turning out from the design of Uber will be, Uber Pool, Split toll and Share my ETA. It is somewhat direct. You can
·         Order car

·         adjust Payment methods

·         Utilize or send vouchers

The Driver's App has all the feature that will give a smooth and consistent ride for their customer. In this Driver's App, Drivers need to make their entire profile separated from the login part with the goal that he can begin working. They have different choices to accept the ride, request for a trip and cancelation of ride request for by giving reasons.

In the event that you don't know anything about application designing than you should hire any App Development company to do it for you. The cost that App Development Company will take would part into different containers.


This should be possible in type of interactive mockups with the storyboard include. Additionally, you will require App icon. What's more, that will cost around 50000 to 100000 Rupees.

This will be expected to convey amongst Apps and pass on the messages to and from the people population who regulate the operation. API is required to create for all the operating system. This will cost around 2 lacks to 4 lacks Rupees.

The cost of developing the mobile app itself can be between 5 Lacks to 10 Lacks Indian Rupees.

Above are only the rough cost of developing an App like Uber. This might be distinctive relying upon the functionalities and features you need to include and the developers you choose.


There are couple of things which ought to be contemplated while developing a similar App
The Uber mobile application gives you a chance to enter your credit card number-this needs PCI certification or a certified partner, which will likewise include some cost depending how you are structured.

Don't forget to consider “invisible features” like In-App Analytics and Conversion Metrics.
Consider all the "Corner cases, for example, imagine a scenario where driver or customer loses network connectivity. Or on the other hand his/her GPS begins to send wrong information? Imagine a scenario where phones come up short on battery. This is vital to influence an administration to work either on technical or business side.

So trust this article may help you to plan your budget for an App like Uber at some level. It will take around 45 to 60 days to make a fundamental Taxi App. So all we gave here, the cost and the time passage of a Taxi App. Continue making!

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