Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 Android Apps Which Are Not Available For iPhones

Android phones are user friendly as well as being cheap. There are many apps in the Google Play store for Android are not in the iPhone. We are telling you that only about 10 Android apps which are not available for iPhones.

10 Android Apps Which Are Not Available For iPhones

10 Android Apps Which Are Not Available For iPhones:

1. Muzei

Muzei app will change your smartphone screen in 'Live Museum'. Muzei app is a Live Wallpaper app and every day on your smartphones screen with different famous art wallpaper posts.

2. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is the best app you can lock smartphones your face and voice.

3. Wikileakes

With the help of Wikileakes app you can find the leaked documents and files. The Apple App Store was also in play, but some time ago Apple removed it from its appstore. Android users can download from the Google Play store.

4. Google Keep

This app works like your brain. With its help you can make note of important things. It also contains features that you can add color to the notes, you can create code within the app can also drag the photos.

5. Light Flow

Custom notification to your phone if LED light Light Flow App on your phone text message, email or call arrives assigns the custom colors.

6. HoverChat

HoverChat app in your phone to help you two can work together. This is a messaging app that enables you to use any other app in your phone message conversation can continue.

7. Cover Lock Screen

This app puts your favorite app on the lock screen of the smartphone. The more you use the app on the lock screen app keeps them so you do not waste time in searching for the required application

8. Cerberus

This app lets you know the location of your lost phone can do. Use it from the website or text message can also.

9. Locale

Locale app to organize your phone with the help of your information. Where are you, what you call, your phone's battery life information attached. Like if your phone's battery will last up to 20%, it automatically reduces the brightness of the phone.

10. Google's Sky Map

This is a fun app. This app is made by Google. Through it, users can learn about our galaxy and stars.