Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps for Kids

Everyone wants to make your child active. They go to school before they start to recognize things, then even better. Learning of children who work in the smartphone users can easily get home. Two popular app store - iOS app store and Google Play store, there are several mobile apps and games for kids like English, Math and Science knowledge of subjects such as permits. Not only that, he identified with names of animals and can learn to create them via puzzle games. These apps will make your child smart. Some of the apps we're telling you.

Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps for Kids

Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps and Games for Kids:

1. Educational Games for Kids | (Click for Free Download - Android User)

Games not only amused his mind, but his mind will also intensify. Additionally, through games, their lot is to get a chance to learn. The Educational Games for Kids app download. In this app color, word, animal, Maths, Letters and Numbers, has much to do with Seps. That is the one app you kids games can shed the knowledge of many things.

2. Learning Letters Puppy | (Click for Free Download - Android User)

The app contains a lot of funny puppy character, animation, sound effects are given. The play has four models, lived. With its help you child ABC, 123, sheps and can tell about colors. With all the music, which also is used in children's entertaining.

3. Wonder witch and 3 little bears | (Click for Free Download - iOS User)

This educational app teaches kids numbers, animals and colors with the help of an interactive story. It will keep your kid or toddler occupied in its excellent interactive cartoons and animations.

4. Pengi and Nutty | (Click for Free Download - iOS User)

Learning for children is much more fun with this app. In total there are 10 apps in the series. Each app uses a story and activities to teach children various animals, numbers, shapes and colors. It is fun for adults too.

5. QCat - Toddler's Animal Park | (Click for Free Download - Android User)

The app is created keeping in mind the complete animal. Pictures of animals with funny colors in the app have been. The children drew pictures of animals that. Thus, see them on your smartphone will also come into play fun.

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