Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Best Free Android Apps For Your Smartphone

Millions of app stores in Google Play Store and Which will help you to simplify your every work. Time Management From The Brain Trainer are many such free apps from which you can make your work easier. We are telling you about latest 5 best free android apps for your smartphone that will make you smarter.

Free Android Apps For Your Smartphone

Brain Trainer Special (Click for Free Download)

It is a collection of games that android users to remember phone numbers, maths problems can use it. Google Play Store, the app can be downloaded for free and also the number sequence, tricks color, memorize 123, question mode games such as will make your mind sharp.

Fooducate (Click for Free Download)

This app will tell you about healthy eating are also good in the test, so that you stay healthy. Fooducate app lets select your favorite food and its detected nutritional Information. The app will also tell you where to buy your favorite healthy food and how much will get the discount.

Flipboard (Click for Free Download)

Flipboard: Your News Magazine app will keep you updated. This app will help you every little or big events taking place in the world will know about.

My Minutes (Click for Free Download)

If you talk on the phone or in any job to pay excessively wasting time. So this app is for you.

Toggl Time Tracker (Click for Free Download)

Time management is the biggest art. You have not learned to manage time. If not, just Toggl Time Tracker download. To manage your time to do some work before you tell the app what you are doing, know when to start and finish work. Then this app will tell you how you can save your time.