Sunday, April 5, 2015

NoMyID App for Android and iOS Users

Technology has created a special mobile application NoMyID. It is the world's first app to email users do not need to know the email id. E-mail can be sent directly to a mobile number. This app is a powerful email client. It can be downloaded by iOS and Android users. According to the company it will soon launch the Windows platform.

NoMyID App for Android and iOS Users

How does the work -

This app is an email client which enables messages, photos, video can be sent to any contact. In addition, live chat and push notifications will also work.

* You must first download it from iOS or Android store.

* After downloading, it will turn to configure your mobile number. To configure mobile number via the email client to access mail on a mobile number will be activated.

* In app "To" field will be the name of the contact is the email. In doing so, the numbers will change your email. Users who do not have ID, a user ID and password and link them via SMS will be check, through which users can enter your email.

According to the company email and 3.75 billion 950 million mobile users in India can be sent to mobile phone users world wide. The app will be downloaded free.

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