Monday, January 16, 2017

How to Create Android Apps for Beginners

Android app development has proved to be highly profitable and a huge success amongst businesses. The vast number of android users in the developing as well as developed markets is the main reason that an android app receives a vast visibility and a high number of users. Today mobile apps have taken over web based solutions as more and more users are shifting to the quick and effective services and products a mobileapp delivers. If you own a business and are starting out on your mobile app journey, you probably have a lot of questions and doubts clouding your head. It is important to make the right first impression and develop an app after careful considerations of several aspects. If done right, it can instantly bring in a great number of users and profits.

Every day numerous apps enter the market; some make it big and some fizzle out without making the slightest impact. There are many factors that determine the success of a mobile app and it is important to take note and work on each of these factors. The very first thing you need for successful app development is a unique idea. It all starts with an idea and you cannot proceed further until a great idea has been formulated in your mind. To create an android app, you also need to understand the very basics of android and java programming. You will also need android specific software or SDK (Software Development Kit) and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to get started. Android Studio and Eclipse are great IDEs to start with!

Steps to create an Android App:

1.      You need to download an android studio from Google to get started. The IDE will give you the UI to enter the code. This will offer suggestions and highlight if anything is wrong. You can also run and test your completed creation via the android studio.
2.      You now need to set up your android studio. Launch android studio and the menu that opens will allow you to configure some options. Most of it will be handled on its own.
3.      Start a new android studio project. Enter the name you want and your company domain. It will be compiled as a file that can be uploaded on Google Play Store when completed and ready to be used. You can choose between phone, tablet or TV options. As a beginner it is best to stick to default options for minimum confusion and good results.

Your basic app is ready and you now have the option to make changes to the layout and options. This is the very basic that android Studio helps you create and you can make changes and explore the multiple options. If all this is too confusing and daunting, you always have the option to get in touch with an expert from a mobile app development company who can help you achieve great results and turn your idea into reality!