Friday, April 14, 2017

Latest Trends in iPhone Application Development

Like all facets of Information technology, mobile application development is going through tremendous changes. In last few years, m-commerce and virtual reality have grown exponentially. These would continue to grow and evolve in 2017. New devices (Wearable devices, Internet of Things), new technologies (cloud, augmented reality) and even new programming language (Swift) are changing the iOS ecosystem. Lets catch up to the latest trends that iPhone app development will see this year.

1.      Swift Programming language

Swift is seen as the successor of Objective C. It works on open source compiler infrastructure which uses XCode tools. Termed as Protocol Oriented Programming language by Apple, it is concise and resilient to erroneous codes. The latest release Swift 3.0 has improved core language and standard library. Ease of use and navigation will make it preferable over Objective C to develop iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps.

2.      Geolocation and Augmented reality

Geolocation is being increasingly integrated into sophisticated e-commerce and m-commerce iPhone app development to provide personalized services to customers and 2017 will see more developers using GPS or ibeacon with Augmented Reality to create new gaming landscape with 3D games becoming more common. Use of geo location in household appliances will see further growth this year.

3.      Internet of Things (IOT)

2016 saw a rise of 34% in IOT apps as per a study by Research and Markets and it is expected to only grow faster this year. Use of IOT technology was visible in wearable devices (like Apple watch), fitness, healthcare, retail and events. IOT will further enter homes as Apples Homekit will see widespread use in consumer appliances. Security of Information-flow between devices and signal recognition should see much improvement.

4.      Enterprise apps

Enterprise apps help businesses by streamlining business processes. These in-house apps provide effective task and data management and real-time customer engagement. Productivity concerns will see more enterprises wanting these iPhone app development solutions.

5.      Security

The proliferation of mobile devices and gadgets has increased vulnerability to cyber crimes. Privacy and security would remain in focus for developers as more people will spend money on security. Expect to see innovative and stronger encryption technologies. iOS9 and iOS10 already have better security features than their predecessors. Furthermore, App Transport Security (ATS) has been made mandatory for all iOS apps since January 2017 which will make iPhone apps more safe and trustable for users.

6. Cloud

Cloud technology helps reduce app size by fetching data from the cloud instead of devices internal memory. Cloud Syncing allows apps to function across multiple gadgets and with Internet of Things (IOT), the technology will see more demand.

7.      M-Commerce

M-Commerce has already overtaken e-commerce, and this trend is expected to continue. 2017 will see m-commerce making use wearable devices, beacon and alternative payment systems like wallets like Apple pay, to give customers more personalized experiences.

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