Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What are the key skills Mobile App Developers need to be successful

With the explosion of smartphone and internet access, Android, Windows and iPhone  Mobile App Development have been creating a niche within the information technology space. Nowadays, people with degree in Computer Science, as well as those who have taught themselves coding, are using their entrepreneurial spirits to get into the mobile app business. Being a mobile app company, we have identified the key skills that mobile app developers must have to succeed:
1.       Programing
Coding is the most fundamental skill required for an app developer. That’s why aspiring app developers should be proficient in at least one programming language like Objective C, Java or HTML5. Once well versed with these, one must skill themselves with modern programing language like Python, Kotlin (for android) or Swift (for iOS). These languages are not only more efficient and less time consuming for coding but also makes porting app into another platform easier.

2.       Design
Since your app has many competitors providing the same functions, your app must offer more than its utility. App developers should use common elements of UI with easy navigation and a design that is appealing to the target-users. Best designed apps follow standard design guidelines which app users expect by default. How to augment over the standard intuitive design of your app is where your creative design skills come to play.

3.       Data
Well-designed database is not only necessary for a responsive app but also for data feedback purposes aka data analytics. Database programming is hence, a handy skill set for app developers to have. Since many features require apps to share information through the web, mobile app developers need to know the concepts of networking with the basics of synchronous and asynchronous programing. This includes using networking tools like REST APIs, AsyncTask and NSURLSession.

4.       Cross Platform Development
Why would a business limit its user base by confining its app to one platform? Most often, apps are built keeping more than one platform in mind. Since there is no automated tool for converting iOS app into Android or vice versa (manual coding is required even with Google j2objc), app developers should be well-acquainted with cross-platform development tools like Ionic HTML5 Framework or React Native.

5.       Cloud
App developers need to be well versed with HTML5 and tools like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to integrate app with Cloud hosting systems. This way, developers can provide the app with cross platform capability by giving users access to apps on different platforms through mobile browsers.

6.       Cyber Security
With malware attacks making headlines, cyber security professionals are in great demand. Many apps like those concerning fin-tech, deal with sensitive information which is vulnerable to hacking. Demand is growing for inbuilt security features in the apps like encryption and data loss prevention that goes further than just password protection. Even integrating third party security solution with the app requires app developers to have the know-how of cyber security.

Android, Windows and iPhone Mobile app development is a dynamic profession as it is continuously evolving with the new realities thrown by the world. Over and above these skills, mobile app developers should have the agility and mental faculty to learn more and keep up to date with current developments in the app world. If you have an idea of a mobile app but you are not an app developer, you can make use of Android, iPhone and Windows mobile app Development Company like Twist Future who have the professional expertise to put your idea into reality.